Building extensions

A QlikView extension allows you to visualize your data the way you want to see it. With extensions, fully interactive custom visualizations can be used directly from within QlikView.

This feature enables the use of specialist visualizations and user interface components that are not present in standard QlikView. Extensions allows you, for example to create and use a map or a tag cloud directly from within your QlikView application just like any other QlikView object.

Getting started building extensions for QlikView

If you want to quickly get up to pace in building extensions for QlikView, we recommend that you visit the getting started section.

Installing extension examples

Learn how to install and use the extension examples that comes with this version of QlikView.

QlikView archive files (QAR)

Learn more about QAR files and how you install them to different QlikView environments.

Working with properties

The Definition.xml file is mandatory and defines the extension properties. The properties pages are then defined in properties page (QVPP) files, which are partial HTML files. This section also include the syntax used for defining different types of properties.

QlikView Workbench and JavaScript API

The JavaScript library is used to build QlikView extensions or to build websites with QlikView Workbench.