Inline Styles

Some styles are set using a stylesheet created by the AJAX engine in QlikView Server. These styles can be overridden by a custom stylesheet. However, other styles are added to the inline HTML generated by the QlikView Server AJAX engine. Normally, these styles cannot be overridden by a custom stylesheet, but changing the default setting, True, of the QlikView object property InlineStyle to False allows the inline styles to be overridden by a custom stylesheet. The styles that are provided inline by the QlikView Server AJAX engine are used for fonts, borders, and colors:

  • fontfamily
  • fontsize
  • fontstyle
  • fontweight
  • textalign
  • verticalalign
  • textdecoration
  • paddingTop
  • paddingLeft
  • paddingRight
  • paddingBottom
  • color
  • background-color
  • text-align
  • font-style
  • font-weight
  • text-decoration
  • font-size
  • border-bottom
  • border-top
  • border-left
  • border-right
  • MozBorderRadiusTopleft
  • MozBorderRadiusTopright
  • MozBorderRadiusBottomleft
  • MozBorderRadiusBottomright
  • WebkitBorderTopLeftRadius
  • WebkitBorderTopRightRadius
  • WebkitBorderBottomLeftRadius
  • WebkitBorderBottomRightRadius

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