What is Qlik Core?

Qlik Core is a development platform built on top of the Qlik Associative Engine. With Qlik Core, you can take advantage of the powerful associative indexing engine from to build your custom data exploration and data visualization solutions.

The Qlik Associative Engine differentiates from other vendors by dynamically calculating and providing associations based on data selections, without needing to rely on query-based analyses which are restricted to linear exploration within a partial view of the data.

Qlik Core is designed to take advantage of the power of container-based solutions and microservice architectures, such as Docker. The Qlik Associative Engine on Linux, provided as a Docker image, forms the foundation of this.

Developers building their solutions on Qlik Core are provided with a large range of powerful technologies, for example Kubernetes, which enables container orchestration and elastic scaling of multiple Qlik Associative Engine instances in distributed environments.

Qlik Core documentation

The help documentation for Qlik Core resides on a website of its own.