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Licensing Qlik NPrinting offline

You must have an internet connection to activate a license. If you are offline, or if the online activation fails, the Qlik NPrinting Server will ask you to manually insert the content of the LEF file. If you do not have this file, please follow up with Customer Support.

Note: Qlik NPrinting versions February 2020 and later include the Qlik NPrinting licensing service which allows you to deploy Qlik NPrinting and activate licenses based on signed keys. Offline activation is not supported with this method.

Do the following:

  1. Open your browser and point it to your Qlik NPrinting ServerLicense activation page by opening the URL:



    • YourServerName is the name of your Qlik NPrinting Server.
    • xxx is your username
    • yyy is your organization name
  2. Copy and paste the contents of the LEF file in the text box of the License activation form.
  3. Click on Activate offline.

You will see a deactivation message and license parameter forms.