Qlik NPrinting scheduler service impossible plan error

Possible cause  

The Qlik NPrinting scheduler service log file nprinting_scheduler contains an Impossible plan message like the following:

2016-01-04 13:04:50,033 [8] WARN Qlik.NPrinting.Scheduler.Service.LoadBalancer - Impossible plan connecting connections

cbd2 4073 WLoad #Req Startup Shutdown

39b7 0 0 3000 3 5000 500

327b 0 1 - - - -

4 4

This log message appears when optimization of the allocation of QlikView instances to different connection is impossible due to computation constraints.

Proposed action  

The message should disappear if you reduce the number of requests in the Qlik NPrinting Engine work queue.

If the message persists:

  1. Check that the number of requests displayed in the #Req column is decreasing.
  2. Check that theQlik NPrinting Engine is working correctly and is not displaying any failures.

If the number of requests is not decreasing or the Qlik NPrinting Engine is still displaying failures, restart the Qlik NPrinting Engine service.