Setting column width in Excel reports

You can set the column width in Excel reports and Qlik NPrinting keeps the original table format by default. You can apply Excel formats, including column width, by clearing the Keep Source Formats check box.

Create new Excel template

Do the following:

  1. Select Reports in the Qlik NPrinting main menu, and then click Create report.
  2. Enter a Title for the report.
  3. Select Excel in the Type drop-down list.
  4. Select Sales Demo in the App drop-down list.
  5. Click Create to confirm.
  6. Click Edit template to open the Template Editor.
  7. Add CH184 in the Tables node and keep it selected.
  8. If the Properties are not visible, right-click CH184 and then click on Properties.

  9. Clear the Keep Source Formats box for the table.
  10. The Excel column width depends on the Keep Source Formats option:

    • With Keep Source Formats selected, the Excel column width will be the same as in the original document.
    • With Keep Source Formats cleared, the Excel column width will be the same as in the template.
  11. Expand the CH184 node, and then select all four columns and drag and drop them into the Excel template.
  12. Right-click the Excel header of the first column, ProductName.
  13. Click Column Width to set the width of an Excel column.
  14. Enter a numeric value for Width.
  15. Click OK.
  16. Repeat steps 5 - 9 for the other three columns, Total Sales, Gross Profit, and GP%. You can set a different width value for each column. The setting will be kept in the generated reports.

Preview and save

Do the following:

  1. Click Preview.
  2. Check the report, close it, and then edit the template again if necessary.
  3. Click Save and Close to save the template and close the Template Editor.