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Qlik NPrinting re-installation errors

Possible cause  

Incomplete uninstallation of third-party software can introduce errors during re-installation of Qlik NPrinting on the same computer.

Proposed action  

Do the following:

  1. Run the uninstallation tool provided by Microsoft. See Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed for details. Launch the tool and choose the Installation option. Run it for all NPrinting programs in case you see one of them in the list.
  2. Open the Microsoft Windows Control Panel and navigate to Program and Features. Uninstall Erlang OTP. To uninstall the program, right-click it and select Uninstall. Wait until the uninstall finishes.
  3. Remove the Erlang cookie and close processes.
    1. Open the C:\Windows folder. Remove the .erlang.cookie file.
    2. Remove the copy of the .erlang.cookie file saved in C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile.

      The .erlang.cookie files are created during the installation of Rabbit. The files are used to enable a communication between Rabbit and Erlang.

    3. Open the command line as admin and run the following commands:

      taskkill /IM epmd.exe /F

      taskkill /IM erl.exe /F

      The above commands close Erlang processes that may be still active. Notice that sometimes they are not active, in which case you get an error saying that the process was not found.​

  4. Remove the Erlang and NPrinting folders.

    1. Open the folder C:\Program Files and delete the erlXX.0 folder, if present. XX is the version number, which depends on the installed NPrinting release.

      You may not be able to delete this folder because the OS shows an error message saying that there is a file in use by another process. If so, you have to reboot the computer and then you will be able to remove the folder.

    2. If present, remove the folder C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer.
    3. If present, remove the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\DESIGNER.
    4. If present, remove the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\NPrinting.
    5. If present, remove the folder C:\ProgramData\NPrinting.
    6. Open the folder C:\Users\<user doing the installation>\AppData\Roaming and delete the NPrinting Server subfolder, if present.
  5. In the registry key editor (regedit), open the HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE folder > SOFTWARE and remove the Ericsson folder.