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Restoring Qlik NPrinting from a backup

Qlik NPrinting is delivered with a utility, Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe, that is used to create backups and restore deployments.

Qlik.NPrinting.Manager.exe is installed by default, and is located in %Program Files%\NPrintingServer\Tools\Manager. This tool is a console application and must be executed from a command prompt. The resulting backup contains a Qlik NPrinting repository database dump file, and related files in a .zip archive.

Command line help

To see the command line help for the Qlik.NPrinting.Manager.exe, enter one of the following commands:

  • Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe --help for general help
  • Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe backup --help for help with backups
  • Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe restore --help for help with restoring from a backup

Do the following:

  1. On the computer where you want to restore your Qlik NPrinting Server deployment, open the Windows Service Manager (services.msc). Verify that the following services are stopped:
    1. Qlik NPrintingEngine (if installed on the computer)
    2. Qlik NPrintingScheduler
    3. Qlik NPrintingWebEngine
  2. If an engine is configured on a remote machine:
    1. Log into the engine machine.
    2. Open the Windows Service Manager.
    3. Ensure that the following service is stopped: Qlik NPrintingEngine.
  3. Open a Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) as administrator, and navigate to the folder where Qlik.NPrinting.Manager.exe is installed. The default location is %Program Files%\NPrintingServer\Tools\Manager. For example:

    cd C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\Tools\Manager

  4. Enter Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe restore -f followed by the full path to the file, then concatenate -p followed by the full path to the PostgreSQL bin folder. Also concatenate the option --pg-password followed by the repository database superuser password that you defined during setup. For example:

    Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe restore -f C:\NPrintingBackups\ -p "C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\pgsql\bin" --pg-password secretPassword

    Warning noteRestore overwrites the installed repository and resets to the version stored in the backup. If you created new entities after the backup was created, they will be lost.
    Information noteQuotation marks are necessary when you have spaces in the path.
  5. Read the messages displayed on the console carefully as they provide important status and error information. They indicate if the restore was successful, and help to troubleshoot errors.

    If no errors occur, you are ready to restart your services.

  6. Open the Windows Service Manager (services.msc), and start the following services in the order listed, by right-clicking on the service then selecting Start:
    1. Qlik NPrintingWebEngine
    2. Qlik NPrintingScheduler
    3. Qlik NPrintingEngine (if installed on the computer)
    4. Qlik NPrintingEngine (if installed on a remote machine)

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