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Planning your deployment

To successfully plan and prepare for your Qlik NPrinting deployment, do the following:


Check that the required ports are available on your system.

Supported browsers and apps

Check that your browsers are supported.

Supported languages

Check that your language is supported.


Understand the Qlik NPrinting architecture.

User accounts

Understand and set up the various user accounts required to install and run the Qlik NPrinting services.

Connecting Qlik NPrinting with Qlik Sense

Understand how Qlik NPrinting works with Qlik Sense.

Connecting Qlik NPrinting with QlikView

Understand how Qlik NPrinting works with QlikView.

Exporting and installing Qlik Sense certificates

Understand how Qlik NPrinting uses Qlik Sense certificates for security when connecting to Qlik Sense, and how to export and install those certificates.

Licensing Qlik NPrinting

Ensure that you have your Qlik NPrinting license key available.

Qlik NPrinting installation

Once you have reviewed and completed these tasks, you are ready to install Qlik NPrinting.