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Backup and restore Qlik NPrinting

We recommend that you create regular backups to ensure that your Qlik NPrinting deployment can be recovered in the event of a system failure or when a node in your deployment needs to be moved or replaced.

When you create a backup of your Qlik NPrinting deployment, the key component that you are backing up is the Qlik NPrinting repository. For more information, see Architecture.

Warning noteA Qlik NPrinting backup can only be restored to an installation of the exact same version of Qlik NPrinting because Qlik NPrinting repository structures may differ between versions of Qlik NPrinting.
Warning noteIf you want to upgrade and migrate your data between versions of Qlik NPrinting, you must follow the instructions for upgrading. For more information, see Upgrading Qlik NPrinting.

Qlik NPrinting is delivered with a utility, Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe, that is used to create backups and restore deployments. The Qlik.NPrinting.Manager.exe file is installed by default, and is located in %Program Files%\NPrintingServer\Tools\Manager. This tool is a console application and must be executed from a command prompt. The resulting backup contains a Qlik NPrinting repository database dump file, and related files in a .zip archive.

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