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Common report features

There are Qlik NPrinting Designer features and functionality that are common across all report types.

Working in Qlik NPrinting Designer


Report naming


Qlik objects


  • Report templates should only be edited by one person at a time. While it is possible for two people to open a report template in Qlik NPrinting Designer, it is not supported.

  • QlikView tables with more than 256 columns cannot be imported into Qlik NPrinting report templates.

  • Generated reports can be a maximum of 512 MB.

  • Qlik NPrinting Designer must be the same version as Qlik NPrinting Server.


Qlik NPrinting Designer crashes sometimes

Possible cause  

Your Windows display is zoomed in. When settings of 125% or 150% are selected,Qlik NPrinting Designer may crash.

Proposed action  

Open your WindowsDisplay Settings in the Control Panel. Set zoom to Smaller – 100% (default).