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Managing entities

All existing objects in the Qlik NPrinting Server are referred to as entities. Tasks, users, groups, connections, filters, apps, and reports are all entities.

Edit a single entity

You have two options to edit an entity:

  • Click the name of the entity.
  • Click V in the Actions column, and then select Edit.

Make your edits and save.

Delete a single entity

You have two options to delete an entity:

  • Click V in the Actions column, and then select Delete.
  • Click the name of the entity, and then click Ö in the upper right corner.
Information note

Deletion is irreversible. Removing an entity will also delete all entities that depend on it. For example, if you remove an app you will also remove all its connections, tasks, and so on.

Enable or disable an entity

You can enable or disable single entities by clicking the check box in the Enabled column.

The Qlik NPrinting Scheduler ignores a disabled entity.

Manage multiple entities

When you work with filters, users, and publish tasks, you can enable, disable, or delete multiple entities at the same time.

Do the following:

  1. Select the check boxes to the left of the entity names that you want to manage.

    You can select the first or the last check box to select all.

  2. Click Choose action, and then select the action you want to perform.
  3. Click Go.

Special actions

Some entities have special actions, in addition to enable, disable, and delete:

  Edit Reload metadata Run now View Copy
Apps x        
Connections x x      
Filters x        
Reports x        
Publish tasks x   x    
Import tasks x   x    
Users x        
Groups x        
Roles x     x x
System roles       x x
Engines x