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Qlik NPrinting License activation error

Possible cause  

The Qlik NPrinting 17 and newer license has not been activated correctly.

If after installation, the license has not been activated, the following message is displayed in the scheduler log file:

FATAL Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.LicenseService - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LICENSE VIOLATIONS DETECTED

FATAL Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.LicenseService - The number of USERS exceeds the current license limit (1 found, but 0 allowed).

INFO Qlik.NPrinting.Scheduler.SchedulerHttpService - Scheduler service started successfully

INFO Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.LicenseService - License expiration is close. Checking for license update...

ERROR Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.SessionManager - Error within WithSession method of SessionManager.

ERROR Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.SessionManager - Invalid License key

ERROR Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.LicenseService - Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.ServiceException: Invalid License key

at Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.LicenseService.UpdateLicense() in c:\Users\LED\Desktop\repo\opera\server\NPrinting\src\Repo\Service\LicenseService.cs:line 243

at Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.LicenseService.AutoUpdateIfCloseToExpiration() in c:\Users\LED\Desktop\repo\opera\server\NPrinting\src\Repo\Service\LicenseService.cs:line 331

at Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.SessionManager.<>c__DisplayClass7.<WithSession>b__6(ISession s) in c:\Users\LED\Desktop\repo\opera\server\NPrinting\src\Repo\Service\SessionManager.cs:line 57

at Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.SessionManager.WithSession[T](Func`2 body, IsolationLevel isolationLevel, Boolean readOnly) in c:\Users\LED\Desktop\repo\opera\server\NPrinting\src\Repo\Service\SessionManager.cs:line 116

at Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.LicenseService.<Start>b__5() in c:\Users\LED\Desktop\repo\opera\server\NPrinting\src\Repo\Service\LicenseService.cs:line 301

Proposed action  

Log into the web console as an administrator, enter https://YourServer:4993, and then activate your license.


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