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Connecting Qlik NPrinting with QlikView

To create a connection to a QlikView Cluster, the user that runs the Qlik NPrinting Engine service must:

  • Be a domain user.
  • Be part of QlikView Administrators security group in all the nodes of the cluster.
  • Be part of QlikView Management API security group in the computer where QMS runs.

To start the Qlik NPrinting service and connect to QlikView, you must have one of the following:

  • A named user Client Access License (CAL) that is manually assigned to the Qlik NPrinting Engine service user active directory account, on the QlikView Server.
  • A local QlikView Desktop license.

Users connecting through the API must be members of the QlikView Management API security group. The group is not created during the installation and must be added and populated manually, for example, with the members of the QlikView Administrators group.

Information noteThis page outlines how to connect to a QlikView server. To connect specific QlikView documents to Qlik NPrinting in order to create reports, see: Connecting to QlikView documents.