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Qlik NPrinting manages user-based security where all allowed actions are based on user roles. You can create users, add filters and groups, and assign roles to the users.

Security management

The basic concepts of security in Qlik NPrinting include how to create roles, and how to add apps and actions to those roles. The available entities, and user and admin actions, are listed, and adding and applying a role to a user is described in detail.

Creating users with filters and groups

Create a new Qlik NPrinting user, configure the user's identity, and add user details for use in email messages. Add a user to a group, and add filters and roles to that user.

Creating groups for users

Groups are lists of users. The reports received by users in the same group are based on the same templates, but the data received by any particular user is based on the filters applied to that user.

Put the users who need to receive the same reports into a group. One user can be a member of many groups.

Importing users with filters and groups

Import users, with related filters and groups, from external Excel files. Create the Excel file and structure the information contained in the file, including the necessary syntax. Create the import task and its mandatory fields, and set the actions that you require for the task.