PixelPerfect reports

With PixelPerfect reports, you can produce attractive reports while maintaining complete control of the printed output. You have a wide range of formatting options to choose from, including:

  • Embedding and formatting data in a template.
  • Creating and ordering data columns.
  • Formatting cell contents.
  • Adding and nesting levels.
  • Rendering borders visible and eliminating white space.

Flexible band reporting

Create a PixelPerfect report template and add tables with calculated columns and nested levels. Align the data and set the table borders. You can preview the report and make edits before saving.

Advanced charts

Create native charts based on QlikView data, even if the charts do not exist in the original .qvw file. Format and configure almost anything in the report. Numerous options support every aspect of report design.

Dynamic output

Create dynamic output using conditional formatting. Set conditions for when to highlight cells and when to display a more detailed report. Use the built-in formula editor to set the condition criteria. Conditions can be applied to many different objects, and an object can have more than one rule.

Interactive table of contents

Create a table of contents that has rows with links. The table of contents is automatically updated when new content is added. Create primary and secondary bookmarks and arrange them into hierarchies. You can add a table of contents to an already existing PixelPerfect report.