DMS for Qlik NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting supports connections to QlikView deployments configured with either Document Metadata Service (DMS) or NTFS authentication.

DMS integrates fully with the existing Directory Service Provider (for example, Active Directory, other LDAP) where Group Membership has been recorded. This allows QlikView Server to re-use existing enterprise accounts and group structures. The permitted users or groups are recorded in a meta file that resides next to the QlikView document, and it is managed using QMC.

DMS is required when the authenticated user identity is not a Windows user account. The DMS permissions are explicitly assigned using QMC, or may be assigned using QlikView Publisher distribution tasks.

To enable On-Demand reports on a QlikView Server with DMS configured, see Enabling On-Demand reports.


You must enable Windows authentication to use the Qlik NPrinting On-Demand Add-on on QlikView Web server.

If you only want to use SAML authentication, then you must install the Qlik NPrinting On-Demand Add-on on a QlikView Server configured on a Microsoft IIS Web Sever.

Installing Qlik NPrinting On-Demand on a Microsoft IIS hosted QlikView AccessPoint