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Adding a Qlik NPrinting Engine

Before you can use the Engine manager to add a Qlik NPrinting Engine you must install the new Qlik NPrinting Engine. For detailed installation instructions, see Installing Qlik NPrinting Engine. You must enter the domain computer name of the Qlik NPrinting scheduler service during the Qlik NPrinting Engine installation. If you don't enter this information, you must uninstall and reinstall the Qlik NPrinting Engine.


You must open following ports:

  • On the Qlik NPrinting Engine computer: outbound port 5672
  • On Qlik NPrinting scheduler service computer: inbound ports 5672, 4993 and 4994
  • On Qlik NPrinting Server: outbound port 4997
  • On all Qlik NPrinting Engines: inbound port 4997

You can add as many Qlik NPrinting Engines as you want to your Qlik NPrinting installation. You must configure each new Qlik NPrinting Engine so that the Qlik NPrinting scheduler service can distribute new jobs to it.

You cannot add a Qlik NPrinting Engine that is already connected to a Qlik NPrinting scheduler service. A Qlik NPrinting Engine that is already connected to a Qlik NPrinting scheduler service will appear as offline, and cannot be used by the new connection.

To add a Qlik NPrinting Engine, log into the Qlik NPrinting Server web interface, and do the following:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Engine manager.
  2. Click Add engine.
  3. Enter a Qlik NPrinting Engine Name.

    For example, enter Engine 2.

  4. Enter a Description.

    This field is optional but can be helpful during system maintenance.

  5. Ensure that the Enable check box selected.

    If the check box is not selected, the new Qlik NPrinting Engine will be saved, but it will be ignored by the Qlik NPrinting scheduler service.

  6. Enter the domain name of the computer where the Qlik NPrinting Engine is installed.

    For example, enter engine2.

    To determine the computer name, open the System properties page and use the Computer name parameter, without the domain name. You cannot use the IP address.

  7. Click Add engine.
  8. On the Edit engine page under Certificates, enter the Password you created during the Qlik NPrinting Engine installation, and click Send certificates.
    Note: If multiple Qlik NPrinting Engines are added to the deployment, each engine must be configured with the password used during the installation for that specific machine.

The new Qlik NPrinting Engine, appears in the list.

If the operation is successful, the engine status will be Offline and it will change to Online after few seconds.