Connection timeouts and long running tasks

Possible cause  

In heavy loading scenarios, several report generation tasks are scheduled every second. If you experience long run times or timeouts, it could mean that there are not enough available connections to the PostgreSQL database.

Proposed action  

Check the Qlik NPrinting scheduler service nprinting_scheduler.log file for connection errors. If you have limit problems, you will find errors related to:

  • database connection issues
  • timeouts during wait from pooled connections

This means you need to increase the maximum number of connections to the PostgreSQL database.

Do the following:

  1. Log into the computer where the Qlik NPrinting scheduler service is running. The PostgreSQL database is located on this computer.
  2. Open the %ProgramData%\NPrinting\data folder.
  3. Open the postgresql.conf file with a text editor.
  4. Find the parameter max_connections. The parameter is set to 100 by default.
  5. Set max_connections to a greater value.
  6. Restart the Qlik NPrinting scheduler service.

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