Licensing Qlik NPrinting Server

You will be prompted to activate your license the first time you open Qlik NPrinting Server.

You do not need to activate licenses for Qlik NPrinting Designer or Qlik NPrinting Engine. They are activated automatically based on license information from the Qlik NPrinting Server.

By default, only one Qlik NPrinting Engine is available for each Qlik NPrinting Server license. If you want to add additional engines to your Qlik NPrinting environment, you need to purchase them.

Do the following:

  1. Open your browser and point it to your Qlik NPrinting Server by opening the URL https://YourServerName:4993.
  2. Note: Use the https protocol and the port 4993 for the standard installation. For example: https://localhost:4993
  3. Insert the License key.
  4. Insert the Control number.
  5. Enter your User name.
  6. Enter your Organization.

    The Activate button becomes active once the mandatory fields are completed.

  7. Click Activate to activate the license.

You will see a message indicating that the activation was successful, and the License Enabler File (LEF) information appears at the bottom.