Migrating report templates from older versions of Qlik NPrinting

You can keep your report templates when you upgrade from QlikView NPrinting 16. Project files (.nsq) can be exported and imported as .zip files.

Note: This process is for migrating report templates from an old version of Qlik NPrinting to a new one. To move reports between different environments using the same version of Qlik NPrinting, see: Moving reports between environments.


  • There is no direct upgrade path from QlikView NPrinting 16 to Qlik NPrinting 17 and later. They are separate platforms. QlikView NPrinting 16 is a 32-bit client server program and Qlik NPrinting 17 and higher is 64-bit web-based console deployment.
  • QlikView NPrinting 16 and Qlik NPrinting 17 and later cannot be installed on the same server.
  • Qlik NPrinting 17 and later does not support linked fields or bookmark-based filters. If your Qlik NPrinting 16 reports contain these, you must remove them.

Planning your upgrade

You must do the following before you can import report templates:

  • Install the newer version of Qlik NPrinting ( or higher) in a separate environment, with a separate dedicated Qlik NPrinting Server service account.
  • License the new installation:
    • You can use your QlikView NPrinting 16 server license for your new installation, but you need to turn off your QlikView NPrinting 16 server to avoid licensing conflicts with existing maintenance agreements.
    • If you wish to evaluate the new installation separately, you may be able to request a test license from your Qlik Account Manager.
  • Create new connections to any related QlikView documents. See: Creating connections

Exporting Qlik NPrinting projects

Your must export your projects so they can be imported into your new environment. QlikView NPrinting 16 can export project files (.nsq) as .zip files. We recommend you use QlikView NPrinting 16 SR 3 or higher, which has a project export tool.

Do the following:

  1. Open QlikView NPrinting 16.
  2. Open the project file (.nsq) that you want to export.
  3. Click the Tools tab.
  4. Click Export Project in the Tools group.
  5. Choose a file name and destination.

    You can either type this or click ... to browse.

  6. Click OK.

You now have a .zip file saved to your computer.

Importing report templates


Report templates can only be imported one at a time.

Do the following:

  1. Open your Qlik NPrinting web console.
  2. Create new connections to the related QlikView documents.
  3. Create a new report.
  4. Click Edit template to open the Template Editor.
  5. Click Import NP 16 Report.
  6. Navigate through your folders until you find the .zip file.
  7. Select the file and click Open.
  8. Select the report you want to import from the list.
  9. Click OK.