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What is Qlik Insight Bot?

Qlik Insight Bot offers a fast and easy way to ask questions and discover insights using natural language. It’s available right in Qlik Sense and through popular tools such as Slack, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. With each question, it instantly surfaces relevant charts and insights, including key drivers, comparisons, predictions and more. And its self-learning AI makes the system progressively smarter.

Information note

Insight Advisor Chat is Qlik's next-generation, fully conversational analytics experience native to Qlik Sense. It is driven by our cognitive engine and uses natural-language processing and generation (NLP and NLG) to understand user intent and generate both narrative and visual responses to questions. Insight Advisor Chat works across Qlik Sense apps and allows users to transition directly to in-app, search-based visual analysis for deeper exploration. It is now offered as a licensed, value-added product for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, replacing Qlik Insight Bot. Insight Advisor Chat supports integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

For more information on Insight Advisor Chat, see:

Configuring Qlik Insight Advisor Chat in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

Exploring apps with Insight Advisor Chat

Conversational analytics provide a quick and easy way to ask and answer questions. But often, new scenarios arise where visual discovery offers a better path to insight. Unlike standalone NLP analytics products, Qlik Insight Bot is fully integrated with Qlik Sense, allowing users to seamlessly move between conversational and visual analytics. The Qlik® Associative Engine lets users interact conversationally and dive directly into visual analysis to explore further, without losing context. It’s the best of both worlds.

To stay competitive, organizations must enable their entire workforce to make better decisions using data. Qlik Insight Bot offers a powerful new way to make data and analytics more accessible to everyone by letting people use their innate communication skills to get the information they need. That helps organizations:

  • Reach more users with the right data, wherever and however they work.
  • Enhance data literacy and data-driven decision-making at all levels.
  • Get more value from data and analytics investments

Qlik Insight Bot documentation

You can download all the available user guides from here, in PDF format. You need Adobe Reader® to read them.

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