Complexity analysis

Each QVW has a Complexity Index value in the QVW Complexity section of the Complexity sheet. The Complexity Breakdown for Scanned Applications list is ordered in descending complexity by default. The complexity value of a QVW is a sum of several different measures of complexity of a QVW's content, including number of tables, number of fields, number of sheets, objects, expressions, calculated dimensions, etc.  Governance Dashboard users have the option of changing the weighting factor for any of these individual complexity measures as well as setting their thresholds.

Red numbers are values that exceed the threshold set.

The highest priority QVWs for evaluation are those with the highest number of sessions. QVWs that are used often and exceed the threshold of one or more attributes are probably those whose performance could be improved by reducing their complexity. Their improvement is also likely to benefit the QlikView Server performance by reducing system resource requirements.

Notice that there is no threshold setting for Sessions. All the other attributes are measures of elements within the QVWs, but sessions are the number of times the QVW was used. The Sessions metric is the cumulative count of all sessions for that document as read from the QlikView Server session log.  That log can stretch back well before the time period for which scanning had been done.

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