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Editing endpoint configuration information

After you add the endpoint to the Replicate server and provide the connection information, you can make changes to some of the information.


You cannot change the following information in the endpoint window:

  • The name you provided for the endpoint.
  • The endpoint Type, for example Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • The endpoint role, either SOURCE or TARGET.
  1. In the Manage Endpoint Connections window, select the endpoint you want to edit.


    In the Endpoints list on the left of the Designer view, double-click the endpoint you want to edit. Note that this option is only available when editing a specific task.

    The Manage Endpoint Connections window opens with the selected endpoint settings.

  2. Make changes to the information in any of the tabs in the window.

    For more information, see the chapter for the specific Qlik Replicate endpoint you are using in the Qlik Replicate Setup and User Guide. For a list of supported endpoints, see the Qlik Replicate Setup and User Guide.