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Adding an endpoint

Before you can begin to design a task, you must add endpoints to the Replicate server. To use an endpoint, you must have access to it somewhere in your system. When you add the endpoint to the Replicate server, you must provide connection information and proper user credentials.

Once you add endpoints to the Replicate server, you can begin to use them to build a replication task. For information on how to add an endpoint to a replication task, see Adding a source and target endpoint to a task.

  1. In the Servers view or on a dedicated task tab, click Manage Endpoint Connections.

    The Manage Endpoint Connections window opens. The server is already selected and cannot be changed.

  2. In the Manage Endpoint Connections window, click New Endpoint.
  3. Select the type of endpoint you are using. The information that you must enter depends on which endpoint you select.

    For a list of supported endpoints and for more information on setting up a specific endpoint, see the Qlik Replicate Setup and User Guide.