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Searching for tasks

You can search for specific tasks by typing a string into the Search Tasks box above the table. Enterprise Manager searches only textual columns, not numeric columns. The following columns are included in the search, even if a column is not displayed in the user interface:

  • State
  • Reason
  • Server
  • Task
  • Profile
  • Type
  • Stage
  • Loading Ended
  • Source Name
  • Source Type
  • Target Name
  • Target Type
  • Tags
  • Project (relevant for Compose tasks only)

You can also restrict a search to a specific column by preceding the search string with the column name and a colon, as follows: ColumnName:value (for example: This is applicable to all available columns, not only the columns listed above.

Note: When searching for a number, only enter whole numbers, no commas or special characters. For example, to search for 2,500, as displayed in the user interface, enter 2500; to search for 100%, enter 100.