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Grouping tasks

In the Tasks View, the left side (expanded by default) represents the Tags pane. It displays all available tags. Tags serve as attributes that you can attach to tasks to arrange them in Enterprise Manager. Tags allow you to group tasks that have a common denominator, and to filter by them, too. For example, you can organize tasks by flavor, such as all tasks that are part of a particular distribution process, by organization structure, by environment, by location, by application, by customer, and so on.

  • Are static: They remain constant during a task’s life time. For example, the task type (CDC, FL, or both), source database type, or region of a task do not change as long as the task exists.
  • Are public: All tags are available to all Enterprise Manager users.
  • Can be associated with any number of tasks: You can associate a task with more than one tag.

Enterprise Manager comes with built-in tag categories as well as built-in tags. The following table lists all categories that are built in:

Task categories
Category Tag


  • Untagged

Task Type

  • Full Load Only
  • CDC Only
  • Full Load & CDC

Task Profile

  • Bidirectional
  • Unidirectional
  • Log Stream Staging - For more information about the Log Stream Staging feature, refer to the Qlik Replicate Setup and User Guide.

Source Database Type

If more than one source database type is available in your task list, one tag for each available source database type.

Target Database Type

If more than one target database type is available in your task list, one tag for each available target database type.

Replicate Servers

One tag for each managed Replicate server

Log Stream Staging

One tag for each Log Stream Staging task. Selecting a tag in this category will show all tasks that are associated with the Log Stream Staging task (i.e. the Log Stream Staging task and all tasks that read from the same Log Stream staging folder).

Selecting Other Tasks will show tasks that are not reading from Log Stream or tasks that are defined as Log Stream Staging tasks but that do not currently have a Log Stream target endpoint.

Enterprise Manager automatically associates built-in tags with a task based on the task’s characteristics, as derived from its definition. You cannot change the association of tasks with such tags.

In addition, you can create your own custom tags and assign tasks to them. You can delete such tags at any time. All tag names must:

  • Be unique.
  • Not exceed 64 characters.
  • Only contain Latin characters, digits, spaces, dots (.), dashes (-), and underscores (_).
  • Start with a digit or character.

Deleting a custom tag does not delete its associated tasks, and vice versa.

For each tag, Enterprise Manager displays the following information:

  • The tag name
  • The total number of tasks associated with this tag
  • An icon that indicates when any associated task experiences a problem

    If a task with a problem is associated with more than one tag, all corresponding tags indicate a problem.

The Tags column in the Tasks view presents a quick way to identify which tags are associated with each task.

The following table describes all options for viewing and managing tags.

Tag management options
To Do this

Add a custom tag

In the Tags pane on the left, under Custom, in the New tag text box, enter a name for the tag and click the check mark to the right (or press Enter).

Delete a custom tag

Note: Deleting a tag does not delete the tasks associated with it.

In the Tags pane, under Custom, right-click the tag you want to delete and select Delete.

When prompted for confirmation, click Yes.

The tag is removed from the list.

Filter by tags

In the Tags pane, do one of the following:

  • Select the check boxes of tags you want to include in the Tasks View.
  • Clear the check boxes of tags you want to exclude from the Tasks View.

When you select different tags:

  • Within the same category, Enterprise Manager uses the logical OR operator. For example, if you select both Oracle and Netezza in the Target DB Type category, Enterprise Manager displays tasks to Oracle or Netezza targets.
  • In different categories, Enterprise Manager uses the logical AND operator. For example, if you select the Oracle tag in the Target DB Type category and the Finance tag in the Custom category, Enterprise Manager displays only task to an Oracle target that are also associated with the Finance tag.

Assign custom tags to a task or remove tag assignments

Note: This is only possible for custom tags. Built-in tags are assigned by default. Those assignments cannot be removed.

  1. In the task list, select one ore more tasks to which you want to assign a tag and click Assign Tags.
  2. In the Assign Tags window, select the required tag(s) or enter a new tag name in the New tag text box and click the check mark.
  3. Click OK.