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Qlik Enterprise Manager API guide

The Qlik Enterprise Manager APIs provide programmatic interfaces for performing tasks typically carried out using the Enterprise Manager web console, including:

  • Viewing a list of tasks for a server
  • Viewing details for a particular task
  • Stopping a task
  • Running a task
  • Exporting all definitions from the requested server repository on the selected server
  • Importing the JSON definitions provided in the request body into the requested server repository on the selected server
  • Reloading a table
  • Exporting a task
  • Importing a task
  • Testing an endpoint's connectivity and configuration

The Enterprise Manager SDKs allow other systems to interact with Enterprise Manager, for example, to display data about one or more tasks in a user's dashboard. They also offer a quick and easy way of running batch operations.

Using an SDK requires basic familiarity with web services, Replicate, and Enterprise Manager.


The following methods are supported with Replicate tasks only:

  • ImportAll
  • ExportAll
  • ExportTask
  • TestEndpoint
  • GetEndpointList
  • DeleteEndpoint
  • ImportTask
  • DeleteTask
  • ReloadTable