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Qlik Enterprise Manager API guide

The Qlik Enterprise Manager APIs provide programmatic interfaces for performing tasks typically carried out using the Enterprise Manager web console, including:

  • Viewing a list of tasks for a server
  • Viewing details for a particular task
  • Stopping a task
  • Running a task
  • Exporting all definitions from the requested server repository on the selected server
  • Importing the JSON definitions provided in the request body into the requested server repository on the selected server
  • Reloading a table
  • Exporting a task
  • Importing a task
  • Testing an endpoint's connectivity and configuration

The Enterprise Manager SDKs allow other systems to interact with Enterprise Manager, for example, to display data about one or more tasks in a user's dashboard. They also offer a quick and easy way of running batch operations.

Using an SDK requires basic familiarity with web services, Replicate, and Enterprise Manager.

Information note

The following methods are supported with Replicate tasks only:

  • ImportAll
  • ExportAll
  • ExportTask
  • TestEndpoint
  • GetEndpointList
  • DeleteEndpoint
  • ImportTask
  • DeleteTask
  • ReloadTable