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Prepare graphical interface: Dataflow

Dataflows tab provides a library of existing dataflows.

To edit a dataflow select the row and choose Dataflow Designer from the dropdown to the right of the gear icon.

To delete the dataflow, select the row and Delete from Action dropdown.

Dataflow graphical interface

Dataflow Graphical Interface

Dataflow execution logs

To view execution logs for a dataflow, select the dataflow and choose Execution Logs from the dropdown. Logs capturing execution details for that flow display;

View Details to view General Information and Prepare Logs.

To terminate a running dataflow, select Terminate.

Select Delete to erase the Execution Log.

Execution logs

Execution Logs

When deleting a dataflow, users have the following options: Delete Entity, Delete File System Data, and related distribution tables (Drop Table Structure).

Defining an Auto Refresh interval for transform operations avoids having to re-check status of the transform while it is executing and will register the final record count when the data has finished loading.

Filter provides column filter-display options.

Auto refresh

Auto Refresh