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Securing data

Ensure that data in Qlik Data Catalyst data marketplace is completely protected and secure through groups and role-based user permissions.

Manage roles, permissions, and users

Security and data governance principles

Authentication and authorization implementation is based on a few key concepts: group, permission, role, user.

Roles and permissions

When a user is granted new privileges to access a new data source, those actions are logged within the metadata layer and implemented throughout the application.

Adding a user

Adding a user is a simple wizard workflow.

Adding a group

Add local, Active Directory, or Qlik Sense groups and associate them with sources and datasets.

Manage encryption and security

Settings for field level sensitivity and encryption

Define fields as sensitive to protect data..


Administrators set field level encryption to mask fields from displaying sensitive data.

Security Policy Sync

Integrate with centralized security platforms to synchronize enterprise policies with entities, sources, and groups.