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What is Qlik Data Catalyst?


What is Qlik Data Catalyst?

Qlik Data Catalyst is a modern enterprise data management solution that simplifies and speeds up how you catalog, manage, prepare, and deliver your trustworthy, actionable data to business users across your enterprise.

Get started with Qlik Data Catalyst

Learn about Qlik Data Catalyst technical architecture, modules, navigation, user profiles and preferences.

Qlik Data Catalyst overview

Installation and integration guides

  • Install Qlik Data Catalyst in a single node or multi-node deployment.
  • Configure integration between Qlik Data Catalyst and Qlik Sense for QVD import.

Installation Guides

Protect and secure data

Ensure that data in Qlik Data Catalyst data marketplace is completely protected and secure through groups and role-based user permissions.

Securing data

Catalog for insight and actions

Catalog is an interactive marketplace dashboard providing key metadata and task entry-points for Qlik Data Catalyst entities and QVDs within a metrics-driven framework.

Data catalog for insight and actions

Configure, maintain, and monitor

Administration features provide a centralized console for operations and services around single server or cluster maintenance, configuration, performance monitoring, integration with Active Directory Network Services, and import/sync of Qlik Sense Connectors for QVD ingest.

See all help topics for administration

Work with data

Working with data sources

Import and manage enterprise data sources. Onboard, convert, load, validate, and profile data with the ingestion framework.

Discovering and managing metadata

The Discover interface provides access to all data and metadata tools enabling Search, Browse, Edit, Explore, and Query.

Preparing and transforming data

Prepare dataflow designer provides a graphical drag-and-drop interface enabling the creation and execution of custom transforms.

Publishing data

Publish enables one-time or recurring export of datasets across enterprise multi-node clusters and single node install environments.