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UI: Top-level navigation bar


UI: Top-level navigation bar

The highest level of navigation in Qlik Data Catalyst is the global navigation bar at the top of every screen. This menu accesses administrative tasks for all users.

Top-level navigation

My Cart

My Cart dropdown displays cart contents.

Users select and add objects (Datasets, Sources, Entities, QVD Entities) to My Cart and then check out to Actionable Targets.

Take Action dropdown displays available actions. Configurable actions will differ across environments:

  • Create Dataset
  • Add to Dataset
  • Publish
  • Explore
  • Prepare
  • Publish to Qlik Sense
  • Publish to Qlik Sense Advanced

My Cart actions

Global Search

Global Search returns search results for objects, properties, and values across the application (all grids and functional modules).

Global Search Results


Users with Administrator roles have access to Admin functionality which includes Maintenance Services, Application Logs, Import/Export Metadata, Active Directory Synchronization, Data Meter Usage, Table Meter, Database Driver Registration, System Settings, and QVD Import.

Administration functionality


Select dropdown link to right of Support, select Help, API Documentation, or About.

The Support section


From the Support dropdown at the top navigation bar, select Help to access Qlik Data Catalyst online Help at

Qlik Data Catalyst Help includes

  • Help for UI navigation, Discover, Source, Prepare, Publish, Security, Catalog, and Administration
  • Data Source: Properties
  • Prepare User Defined Functions Table


API Documentation

From the Support dropdown at the top navigation bar, select API Documentation to access details about Qlik Data Catalyst’s RESTful APIs. This will automatically open in a separate browser tab.

API Documentation

Qlik Data Catalyst API Controller


About: Product, Release, Version, Build, Schema Information


  • DB Properties: jdbc.driver, jdbc url

  • Loading dock:loadingdock.uri, loadingdock.base

  • Archive: archive.uri, archive.base

  • Receiving: receiving.uri, receiving.base

  • Shipping: shippingdock.uri, shippingdock.base

  • Distribution: distribution.uri

  • Interactive Query: interactive.uri

  • Hadoop Configuration: hadoop.conf.files, Hadoop.lib.jars

  • Kerberos Authentication: isKerberosAuthEnabled,,

  • Global Parameters: enable.profiling, enable.validation, enable.archiving

License: License information such as Name, Key, Expiration, License Type, Node Limit, Status


About/Settings/License windows