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Sources are collections of functional entities similar to schemas in RDBMS.

Select the view icon to display the child entities of a source.

View sources

View Sources

Source information: general information

Select Edit (pencil icon) to display/modify Source properties. Sources are described by metadata properties defined through key/value pairs.

Note that while some properties are shared between source and discover modules, source contains ingest-specific properties not displayed in discover.

Click into editable fields or select options from the dropdown(s).

View and edit source properties

View and Edit Source Properties

Source information – general information properties


User-defined or populated upon import

Business Name


Business Description


Last Updated at

Not editable



Source Hierarchy

Editable through dropdown options

Communication Protocol

Not editable:

  • FTP
  • HDFS
  • JDBC
  • SFTP
  • S3

Source Type

Not editable

In discover, this value will always be


Base Directory

Not editable [post-ingest]

Source information: properties

Source Information (key/value) properties can be added from the second tab in the Source Information pop-up box.

Properties available in this dropdown have been (externally) defined as Source Properties.

Source Information Properties

Select the plus button (Add Property) to open a drop-down with optional source properties.

Typically, there are more metadata for external (source) properties than for internal (discover) properties.

Add a property to Source Information


More drop-down box for sources

Select More dropdown to access Load Logs, Dataset functionality, and properties panel.

Alternately, select the source row(s) and select quicklink buttons for Load Logs, More (Add to Dataset or Create Dataset), and Add to Cart.

More drop-down box

More Drop-Down Box