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Maintenance Services

System maintenance and cleanup services are scheduled and tracked through a calendar and task enablement/prioritization menu. Services such as deletion of temporary files and profile purging are scheduled for one-time immediate action or scheduled on a recurring basis. Users can configure the schedule to run the maintenance bundle at a specific time of day with a maximum of daily frequency and minimum of monthly interval.

Scheduling Maintenance Services

Specify a schedule for Maintenance Services by clicking on the + icon located on the right side of the Schedule bar. Note that any schedules in place will be overwritten by new schedules. Schedule options include One Time Immediate or Recurring.

One Time Maintenance Schedule

Once One Time Maintenance Schedule is selected, tasks can be ordered and enabled or disabled.

Maintenance Service window

Recurring Maintenance Schedule

Choose your Schedule allows an Admin to select date and time of repeating Maintenance Services.

Maintenance Schedule

Custom Schedule requires entry of a Crontab Expression where a string of six or seven fields describe schedule details separated by a space (e.g., "0 15 10 15 *?$"). Save the Crontab expression to initialize a new schedule.

Custom scheduling

Maintenance Services Tasks

Maintenance services tasks include:

  • Profile Purging: Qlik Data Catalyst generates many field level profiling statistics every time that data is loaded. Only the most recent profile statistics are displayed in the UI though all generated statistics are saved to the metadata database. This clean up service purges all but most recently generated profile statistics
  • Data Meter: Calculates and displays the size of data that has been ingested to the Receiving Directory and data transformed in Prepare
  • Table Meter: Measures and reports status and compliance for customers with a contractual limit on the number of tables (registered & managed) in Qlik Data Catalyst
  • Active Directory Log Purging: AD event logs are purged by this maintenance service
  • ACL Log Purging: Access Control Lists Logs are purged by this maintenance services
  • Compute Custom Metrics: Refreshes Metric KPI computations
  • Custom Metrics Purging: Purges existing Metrics KPI computations
  • QVD Import Log Purging: Purges existing QVD Import logs

Maintenance Logs

Select Logs for a list of all maintenance services that have been deployed to date.

Select Logs

Selecting any maintenance record row will display a panel to the right with detailed Administration Execution Information for that task which includes: Start Time, End Time, Record Count, Information Message, and Last Update.

Administration Execution Information