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What is Qlik Data Catalyst?


What is Qlik Data Catalyst?

Qlik Data Catalyst is a metadata driven catalog that has technical and business descriptions, data profiles, data lineage, and data tags that make data search and delivery simple. Qlik Data Catalyst converts data from raw to ready for analytics consumption, breaking down information barriers and reducing the complexities inherent in legacy enterprise data environments. The benefit to your business is your users spend more time analyzing data and discovering new insights than finding and preparing data for use.

Data validation, profiling, and quality measures document the exact content and quality of each data source, while easy-to-use data preparation tools let your users quickly promote data from raw to ready to build-your-own discovery-ready datasets. With Qlik Data Catalyst , analytics-ready data is available on-demand, allowing data analysts, downstream applications, algorithms, or your other data consumers to find and begin using new data in minutes, not months. Your IT experts, data stewards, and business users can make data collections easier to understand and more useful by sharing their insights regarding particular datasets using business metadata, tags, and blog fields as well as standard and custom-defined properties. And by preserving and cataloging new datasets and data preparation flows as they’re generated, Qlik Data Catalyst empowers your users to reuse and build on previously created assets.

Qlik Data Catalyst documentation

The help documentation (except for the installation guides) for Qlik Data Catalyst is available on a separate website:

Qlik Data Catalyst webhelp (December 2019)

Installation Guides

The installation guides are in PDF format. Get Adobe Reader® to read them.