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Working with data sources

Import and manage enterprise data sources.

Source types supported for ingest

Onboard, convert, load, validate, and profile data with the ingestion framework for Qlik Data Catalyst.

Navigating source module

The Source module provides external source properties and ingest specifications for building metadata environments and onboard of data. The available object grids in descending hierarchical order are source hierarchy, sources, entities, and fields. The grids provide information and configurable properties appropriate to that level.

Source wizard: Add data

The source wizard provides a common point of entry for users to add Flat File, JDBC, JSON, Mainframe, and XML sources to Qlik Data Catalyst.

Source connection wizard

Source connections are defined as independent top-level objects: their mapping to external sources is a prerequisite for source configuration and ingest.

Data ingest: Loading data

Once sources have been defined and metadata is in place, data can be loaded from the source.