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Discover: navigation and properties


Discover: navigation and properties

The Discover interface provides access to all data and metadata tools enabling Search, Browse, Edit, Explore, and Query.

Navigating Discover

Users can filter on attributes to hide or display grid-specific columns. Alternately, edit USER PREFERENCES by selecting Profile in the upper right drop-down of the main navigation bar; this opens USER PROFILE, USER ACCESS, and USER PREFERENCES where column preferences can be set.

Filtering on columns

Navigating objects

The navigation bar displays available object grids in descending hierarchical order:

  • Datasets
  • Source Hierarchy
  • Sources
  • Entities
  • Fields

Select the desired object grid and navigate to or hover over object rows of interest. To view actions available for that object, View Entities and View Fields breaks the object out into lower (child) hierarchy level components (Sources, Entities, Fields)

View Entitles

Figure 2 – View Entitles and Fields

View Details: Select the pencil icon to open Source information panel with options to view General Information or add and define editable property values.

View and edit details

Figure 3 – Source Information

More actions:

  • Load Logs: Opens log details of dataloads with associated metadata
  • Create Dataset: Enables creation of Dataset with selected object
  • Add to Dataset: Adds object to Dataset (select appropriate Dataset from dropdown)
More actions

Figure 4 – More Actions

Editing objects

Sources, Entities, and Fields are defined by metadata properties— key/values that are specified in General Information and Properties modals accessed by selecting the pencil icon.

General Information

The first Source Information properties tab displays details about the metadata environment. These properties are created upon entity creation.

Editable fields within the modal include Business Name, Business Description, Tags, and Source Hierarchy (via dropdown).

General Information tab in Source Information

Figure 5 – Source Information General Information

Source Information: Properties

Source Information properties can be added from the second modal tab.

Select the plus button (Add Property) to open a drop-down with optional Source Properties.

Properties tab in Source Information

Figure 6 – Source Information Properties

Select Desired Source Property, Enter Value, and Save.

Figure 7 – Select Desired Source Property Enter Value Save