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Users select entities, sources, or datasets to add to My Cart for use in the following actions:

  • Create Dataset: Creation of a new dataset
  • Add to Dataset: Inclusion in an already existing dataset
  • Publish: Publish to a Target Location
  • Explore: Explore data (also called Shop for Data) to be Queried and Saved as an Internal User View or Checked Out locally to CSV or XLS
  • Prepare: Inclusion in a Prepare transform dataflow
  • Publish to Qlik Sense
  • Publish to Qlik Sense Advanced

Add to Cart: entities and sources

Select individual Entities or Sources and then Add to Cart.

Figure 19 – Add to Cart Entities and Sources

Selection of datasets to add to cart

Users add Datasets to My Cart by selecting the sets to be added then Add to Cart.

Datasets are the recommended tool for the logical grouping of objects for inclusion in Prepare transforms and Publish facilitated by My Cart.

From My Cart located in the top-middle of the screen, display items in the cart by selecting the small arrow to the right of the cart items status:

Open cart

Either check Select All checkbox to select all cart items or expand each object type (Entities, Sources, and individual Datasets) and delete non-desired entities to make more granular selections.

Once items have been deleted and omitted for the operation, expand the Take Action dropdown.

Note that the number next to My Cart represents the number of selected Entities and Datasets placed in the cart. For example, if a Dataset contains 3 Entities, My Cart will only register 1 item for that Dataset however if a Source containing 3 Entities is added to the cart, the cart will register 3 more items. The bottom 3 Entities below were added from a Dataset so the Cart number (5) reflects 4 Entities and 1 Dataset ('INDEX4').

Publish to Qlik Sense and Publish to Qlik Sense Advanced

Users are able to choose one or more entities in either Catalog (by selecting cart icons on QVD tiles of interest) or Discover (selecting/multi-selecting the row or rows then Add to Cart). Either method will place the QVDs in the cart from where users can Take Action to choose a destination for the selected QVD. This section will focus on Publish options.

Take Action from My Cart

Publish to Qlik Sense: Exports non-QVD entities and QVDs to a preconfigured instance of Qlik Sense Enterprise. This option creates a new application for each published entity in Insight Advisor, the entry point for exploring your data and creating visualizations. Publish to Qlik Logs are available by selecting the Logs button on this Action option.

Publish to Qlik Sense Advanced: Exports QVDs to user's choice of location in Qlik Sense Enterprise: Insight Advisor (default), Data Load Editor, or Data Load Manager. Developers building Qlik Sense applications select to publish directly to Data Load Editor or Data Manager by setting a default target page in User Preferences (Profile>User Profile and Preferences>Publish to Qlik Sense Starting View) with the ability to over-ride the default setting after selecting Publish to Qlik Sense Advanced from (My Cart) Action Dropdown.

Developers building Qlik Sense applications can create a new application with a published entity (as before) or pick an existing Qlik Sense app from the list of existing user apps (the list is fetched when this option is selected) or add published entities to an existing one.

Set default choice of starting target view in Profile

Options to override default target view and optionally choose application to add an entity to

Note: The logged in user has access to only those apps created using the same credentials.

After clicking on OK, the configured instance of Qlik Sense will automatically open to the Qlik Sense view that has been selected.

Publish to Qlik Sense data load editor

Publish to Qlik Sense data manager