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Importing and exporting object metadata

Import/Export Metadata is a mechanism for promoting objects between environments. A typical use case for is the promotion of dataflows created in a development environment to a production environment. Metadata, Prepare Dataflows, Object metadata for Sources, Entities, Fields and Publish Jobs in addition to individual users can be migrated across environments via Import/Export functionality. Import/Export performs several checks based on what is being imported:

Sources and Entities: A namecheck is performed ensuring imported objects do not have a name being used in the directory. In that event, users are given the option to rename the object if it makes sense for that object import.

Prepare Dataflows: Source entities must be present in the destination environment for dataflows to be imported. If not present, users are given the option to import underlying objects.

Publish Jobs: Datasets including corresponding sources and entities in Publish jobs must be present in both environments.

Relationships and Keys: Information about primary and foreign keys shared between related entities can be imported from Excel (.xlsx) files.