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Before Starting


Requisite setup should be in place for users moving data (importing and publishing QVDs) through connections between Qlik Data Catalyst and Qlik Sense Enterprise. For additional security in environments with multiple users: users must provide the name of their connection to the Qlik Data Catalyst Postgres distribution database in Qlik Sense to facilitate individual user security. The value can be accessed by locating the connection name in Qlik Data Catalyst (Admin>QVD Import>QVD Paths>QS Connection column) or Qlik Sense Qlik Management Console (<hostname>.qmc/dataconnections) Name Column. The value should then be entered in User Profile field: Qlik Sense Connection Name.

User Profile and Preferences is accessed from clicking on the username (upper most right corner)>Profile>User Profile and Preferences; scroll to the bottom of the screen.

The User Profile and Preferences screen