Upgrading the Qlik Web Connectors

Follow these instructions to upgrade your Qlik Web Connectors version or to update the license for the premium connectors.

Upgrading your version

You can upgrade the Qlik Web Connectors while keeping all of your connector settings and any data that the connectors have cached. Upgrading involves two steps: 

  1. Backing up the current version of Qlik Web Connectors.
  2. Installing a new version of Qlik Web Connectors.

Backing up the previous version

Do the following:

  1. Stop the Qlik Web Connectors.

    If you are running Qlik Web Connectors as a service, open the Computer Management application, select Services, right click on the Qlik Web Connectors service and select Stop.

  2. Create a backup of your Qlik Web Connectors folder by zipping the folder and storing it in a safe location on the machine.

Installing the new version

Do the following:

  1. Download the latest version of QlikWebConnectorsX.X.zip file from the Qlik download site.
  2. Unzip the QlikWebConnectorsX.X.zip file and copy the contents of the unzipped folder into the Qlik Web Connectors folder over the over the existing contents.

    Tip: The old deploy.config and login.xml files contain login information. You can either copy the login information from the old files to the new files, or you can copy any new elements from the new files into the old files. Whichever method you choose, the deploy.config and login.xml files should contain your login information and any new elements from the updated version.
  3. Merge the old and new deploy.config and login.xml files.

  4. Copy the contents of the backed-up version of App_Data and paste it into your new App_Data folder.

Updating the premium connectors license

When your premium connectors license expires, you need to update your license. You can get your updated Lef.txt file from the Qlik LEF server, or it can be emailed to you if you do not have access to the internet on the machine requiring the update.

Do the following:

  1. If you have access to the internet, click on the License tab, and then click on Refresh current LEF. Click on Apply new LEF.
  2. If you do not have access to the internet or if your premium license expires, see Adding a license for premium .

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