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AYLIEN Text Analysis

The Qlik AYLIEN Text Analysis connector uses the AYLIEN Text Analysis API to provide insight on the sentiment of a body of text and to summarize it into key sentences.

Tip note

The Qlik Web Connectors help you connect to different data sources and fetch data in the same way. Learn how to authenticate a data source connection and how to use tables to fetch data.

Connecting to data sources

Supported offerings

  • Qlik Sense Desktop
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows
  • QlikView

This connector must be installed separately.

Ways to access your data

To access your AYLIEN Text Analysis data, you need to authenticate the connector with your AYLIEN Text Analysis account credentials. After you create a new connection and select AYLIEN Text Analysis as your data source, you need to enter the app id and app key credentials from your AYLIEN Text Analysis account. You also need to choose the maximum amount of API calls made per minute, based on the subscription plan you hold with AYLIEN.

Loading data from tables

After you authenticate the connector with your account credentials, you can use the following tables to select and load data: 

Tables that can be loaded
Table Description
Sentiment Extracts the sentiment from a piece of text, such as a tweet, a review, or an article.
SummarizeText Provides an easy way of summarizing a document, such as a news article or blog post, into a few key sentences.
SummarizeUrl Summarizes the content of a web page into a few key sentences.

Working with the AYLIEN Text Analysis API quota limits

The Qlik Web Connectors use the AYLIEN Text Analysis API to extract data from AYLIEN and load it into your Qlik Sense app. While reloading your AYLIEN-based app, you might receive an error message that the connector has reached the AYLIEN Text Analysis API rate limit and that all subsequent API calls will fail until the connector falls back under the throttling limit. If you receive this error message, then you have exceeded one of the API rate limits.

Reference - AYLIEN Text Analysis documentation

You can refer to the AYLIEN Text Analysis API documentation to learn more about the requirements and restrictions imposed by the AYLIEN Text Analysis API v1.0.


You receive an error message that you have reached the API rate limit

Possible cause

You have exceeded the API limits that are imposed by your AYLIEN Text Analysis API app key.

Proposed action

To reduce the impact of reaching the API rate limits, develop your app with the following in mind:

  • Extract only the data you need.
  • Reload one AYLIEN-based application at a time.
  • Ensure that loops in your script that make API calls will not result in infinite loops.
Tip noteWhen creating your AYLIEN Text Analysis data connection, ensure that you chose the correct maximum API calls per minute for your AYLIEN subscription plan.