Mailbox POP3

The Qlik Mailbox POP3 connector lets you fetch emails and email content, such as attachments, from any mailbox that uses the POP3 email protocol.

For mailboxes that use the IMAP email protocol, see Mailbox IMAP.

Note: The built-in web connectors are only available on Qlik Sense Cloud with a Cloud Business subscription.

Ways to access your data

To access your POP3 mailbox data, you need to authenticate the connector with your mailbox server details. After you create a new connection and select Mailbox POP3 as your data source, you need to enter the server address for the mailbox you want to connect to, along with your username and password.

Creating a connection and selecting data

Configuring email clients

You need to enable POP3 access for your account, through your mailbox client. The configurations for some of the most common email clients are described below.


To download email data from Gmail, you must first ensure that POP3 access is enabled in your Gmail settings.

Do the following:

  1. Enter in the server field.
  2. Enter the username and password.


You can choose between POP normal mode or recent mode. To set the mode to recent use as a username when configuring the connector. Use to set the mode to normal.

Microsoft Exchange

From privately administered Exchange servers

To download data from an exchange server, you must enable POP3 from your exchange server.

Following the Microsoft guidelines for enabling POP3.

From Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange accounts

To download data from an Office 365 or exchange account, you must enable POP3 from your exchange account.

From shared Microsoft Exchange mailboxes

To access shared mailboxes that are not associated with a specific user account, use one of the following formats for your username:

  • domain\myusername\sharedmailboxname

Loading data from tables

After you authenticate the connector with your account credentials, use the tables to fetch your data. The table below outlines some of the use cases for some of the tables that are available.

Table Description
Messages Use this table to fetch the list of messages in your mailbox.

Use this table to fetch the information about specific message attachments.

The POP3 Message ID is the id value from the Messages table.

To select and load data from a table, enter the required table parameters and click Preview data. Required parameters are marked with an asterisk (*). The table fields are displayed under the Data preview tab. You can select fields individually by selecting the box beside each field name. Select Insert script after you have made your selection.

Creating a connection and selecting data


Your Gmail username and password are not accepted when creating a connection

Possible cause

Your Gmail has 2-factor authentication enabled, which is preventing the Mailbox POP3 connector from establishing a connection using your normal credentials. You will see an error message pointing that your username and password are not accepted.

Proposed action

Create an app-specific password, then use this password to configure your Mailbox POP3 connector.

Google blocks the sign-in attempt from the Qlik Web Connectors

Possible cause

Google sometimes blocks third-party apps trying to connect to Gmail through POP3, even on accounts that do not have 2-factor authentication enabled. You may see an error message pointing out that your username and password are not accepted, or that you need to log in from a browser.

Proposed action

Allow less secure apps to connect to your Gmail account through POP3.

Confirm that the sign-in attempt was requested by you, through your Gmail account. It may take some time for the confirmation to take effect.

You cannot connect to the POP3 server

Possible cause

POP3 access is not enabled.

Proposed action

Verify that the email account you want to connect to has POP3 enabled.

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