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Accessing Qlik Compose

You can use a Web browser to access the Qlik Compose Console from any computer in your network. For information on supported browsers, see Preparing your system for Compose.


The person logged in to the computer where you are accessing the Console must be an authorized Qlik Compose user. For more information, see Managing user permissions.

  1. To access the Qlik Compose Console from the machine on which it is installed, select All Programs > Qlik Compose > Qlik Compose Console from the Windows Start menu. To access the Qlik Compose Console from a remote browser, type the following address in the address bar of your Web browser


    Where <ComputerName> is the name or IP address of the computer on which Compose is installed.

  2. If no server certificate is installed on the Compose machine, a page stating that the connection is untrusted will be displayed. This is because when Compose detects that no server certificate is installed, it installs a self-signed certificate. Since the browser has no way of knowing whether the certificate is safe, it displays this page. For more information, see Setting up HTTPS for the Compose console.
  3. When prompted for your password, enter your domain username and password.