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Exporting and importing projects using the CLI

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Information note

Compose for Data Warehouses CLI requires Administrator permission. To grant Administrator permission, select "Run as administrator" when opening the command prompt.

Under normal circumstances, use the deployment options described in Project deployment to export and import projects. For deployment automation or control by another tool, you can use the command line interface (CLI) to perform such tasks.

Information note

To export or import a project or project configuration, you first need to change the default Master User Password.

For more information on changing the master user password, see Changing the master user password.

See also: Moving projects from the test environment to the production environment and Import/export scenarios - When is a password required?

Before running any command, you must run the Connecting to Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses Server command.

To get help when using the command line, you can run the Help command. For example, for help about exporting a project, issue the following command:

ComposeCli.exe export_project_repository --help

This brings up a list of help parameters.