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Importing entities and mappings from another project

You can import entities and mappings from another project with the same data warehouse type. This is especially useful within a development environment if you need to integrate a private developer's project with the main project.

  1. Open the Manage Model window as described in Managing the model.
  2. In the Entities toolbar, click the Import from Project button.
  3. The Import from Project wizard opens.
  4. In the Entities tab:
    1. Select a project from the Import from Project drop-down list.
    2. Optionally, search for specific entities.
    3. Select which entities to import or select Select All to import all entities.
  5. Click Next to select which mappings to import.


    To create new entities and mappings if the selected entities and mappings already exist, clear the Replace existing entities and mappings check box.

    The new entities/mappings will be named <existing_name>_IMPORTED (or <existing_name>_IMPORTED_<n+> if the entity/mapping is imported more than once).

  6. In the Mappings tab:

    Either click Finish to import all mappings for the selected entities (the default).


    Select which mappings you want to import and then click Finish to import the selected entities and mappings.


    If you do not wish to import any mappings, clear the Mappings check box before clicking Finish.