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Viewing and exporting ETL commands

You can view the ETL Commands that were run during the data warehouse ETL task. You can also export the ETL commands to a CSV file for reviewing and sharing.

  1. Click the ETL Commands toolbar button.

  2. The ETL - Name dialog box opens in List View. Navigate through the commands using the scroll bar or find specific commands using the Search box.


    Click the Item View button and navigate through the commands using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the ETL - Name dialog box.


To jump to a specific command, type the command number in the Go To field at the bottom of the dialog box and then press [Enter].

  1. In List View, click the Export to CSV File button located to the left of the search field.

  2. A file named "<name>_ETL_Instructions.csv" will be saved to your default Downloads location or you will be prompted to save it (according to your browser settings).