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Recreating the data warehouse metadata cache

To improve performance when reading from the Landing Area or from the Data Warehouse tables, Compose for Data Warehouses caches the metadata from both the Landing Area and the Data Warehouse tables. However, synchronization issues may sometimes occur if the metadata structure of the Landing Area or the Data Warehouse tables is altered outside of the Compose for Data Warehouses project.

If you aware of external changes to the metadata or if you notice any data synchronization anomalies, Compose for Data Warehouses enables you to recreate the metadata cache as required.

  1. In the Storage Zone panel, select Drop and Recreate|Storage Metadata Cache from the menu in the top right corner.

    A confirmation dialog box opens warning you that this process could take a while depending on the number of tables involved.

  2. Click Yes to recreate the metadata. A progress window opens.

  3. After the metadata cache has been recreated, click Close to exit the progress window.

For information on clearing the Storage Zone cache, see Recreating the Landing Area metadata cache.