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What is Qlik Compose for Data Lakes?

Information noteQlik Compose for Data Lakes has been superseded by Qlik Compose. Qlik Compose automates the design, deployment, and operation of agile data warehouses and data lake pipelines. Learn more about Qlik Compose.

As the Data Lakes module in Qlik Compose differs significantly from Qlik Compose for Data Lakes, a direct upgrade is not available. For a detailed description of the migration procedure, see the Compose August 2021 Release Notes.

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes automates data lake pipelines to create analytics-ready data sets, thereby helping organizations realize faster time-to-value for their data lake investments. Data architects leverage Qlik Compose for Data Lakes to automate data ingestion, data lake schema creation, data set provisioning and streamed data updates.

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes standardizes and combines change streams into a single transformation-ready data store in the lake. It automatically merges the multi-table and/or multi-sourced data into a flexible format and structure while retaining full history. The resulting persisted data history provides data consumers with rapid access to trusted data, including full lineage, without needing to understand the automated structuring that has taken place.


You can download all the available user guides from here, in PDF format. Get Adobe Reader® to read them.

Archived versions

The following archival documentation contains legacy content for older software release versions that are no longer supported. This information is provided for reference purposes only.